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A group of companies providing services in the field of medical equipment
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We Provide Medical Laboratories
The company operates in the field of medical equipment
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Integrated Solutions
We are keen to provide medical products from general and specialized medical supplies and equipment
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The Best in Libya
We are considered one of the best companies in the supply of multiple health care products and medical equipment and we are considered a developer of health care in Libya
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Our Goal

We seek permanent and continuous development to bring the best international companies in the medical field that depend mainly on providing the best of their products and services.

Our Mission

Providing high quality services and providing all the equipment needed by clinics and health infrastructure in Libya

Our Values

Quality, commitment, accuracy, responsibility, committed to providing the needs of our country 

Who are we?

MD GROUP is a grouping of companies specialized in importing medical equipment and supplies. The group was established in 2006, and its headquarters is in Tripoli. The company works in the field of medical equipment, and the medical laboratories branch is one of the most important and largest branches covered by the group The group covers the entire cities of Libya in providing medical equipment to clinics, pharmacies and care homes. The group is considered one of the best companies in supplying products The multi-service health care is considered a developer of health care in Libya and not only a provider of it. The group’s professionalism lies in providing permanent and effective support services to its customers, which allowed it to expand its activity and improve the selection of the quality of its products that are supplied within a short period of time, and the group is currently moving towards permanent and continuous development Ali brings the best international companies in the medical field that rely mainly on providing their best products and services.

Our Services

The group provides integrated services in the field of providing, installing and maintaining medical equipment, equipment and laboratories 

Equipping Hospitals

Supplying Medical Equipment

Equipping Medical Laboratories

Installation and Maintenance Services

Our Products

The group provides high quality products and one of the largest companies in the world specialized in this field

Medical Laboratories

Provides full equipment for medical laboratories, including devices and equipment, in addition to installation, maintenance and training services

Anesthesia and Intensive Care Supplies

The company works to provide anesthesia and intensive care supplies for hospitals and private clinics from major medical companies

Ambulance and Emergency Equipment

The company works with several international companies specialized in first aid and equipping emergency and ambulance departments in hospitals

Medical supplies

We have worked with many medical companies in this field, as we always strive to provide high-quality medical supplies for hospitals and clinics

Medical equipment

Our company provides high quality medical equipment from major companies

Oncology Supplies

Where the company always seeks to supply oncology supplies with international specifications and from companies with experience and high quality

We Are Distinguished By

We Have an Expert Team

The company has a team of experts and leaders who continue to develop and ensure the quality of its services

We are The Best

Because we provide you with everything, you need in the field of medical equipment with integrated services of high quality

We Provide After-sales Services

The company provides periodic installation and maintenance services, spare parts

Our Partners

Geographical Distribution Of the Group

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